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Gargoyle Statues

Gargoyles are mythical figures in Grotesque architecture. It is also known as chimarae or babewyn which were originally designed as water spouts, to carry rainwater from a roof and away from the side of a building, so that it wouldn’t run down the masonry and erode the mortar. Featured in many Gothic cathedrals in Europe, it is said to  serve as a "preacher in stone" to the illiterates. 

Gargoyles come in many forms, the most popular of which are the Giant Spitting Gargoyle of Notre Dame, Silas, Socrates the Thiinker, Gargoyle of Eastmore Cathedral, Scatheus, Raptor, Boden, and Argos.  Some experts believe they were popular on churches because of the widespread belief that they protected against evil spirits. 

Today, they are highly popular gothic and grotesque outdoor sculptures for the home and garden. Check out grand gargoyle collection.